Essay writing advices

All your thoughts in a list that’s what an essay is. Pretty much nothing to say, but in the same time so much things can be said. The list is white and empty and that may led you to fill it all up…

May all the things inside you come out and set yourself free of being quiet. Pic your words, before even find a pen it’s inspiring to do things, before they’ve been started. Colors of your mind makes paper’s pages like rainbow. Circling in place you have beenimage but never shown is so full of images. Life is being expressed.

Choose the best words that fits your personality. Arrange sentences in your own order. Make it happen and express your life , your feelings, your position, your belief. Never use a copy, you may be inspired by a book express it, share it in your essay. Bring out your certain belief if you’re an atheist say why you choose to be, if you are believer share what’s your belief and why it’s real. Clear it out.

Many people doesn’t believe what they say and that’s the main reason why the are rejected. It this belief is hidden deep in your heart it needs time to come out. But once it’s out it became a mess. Essay writing can avoid all these things in you if you let your feelings come out and start sharing. Nothing is impossible.


Doubt is never been someone’s best friend. It’s our own enemy trying to take the focus away from something important, or to separate us from our goal. Never let your goal go! Make a step of faith that you believe in what you say it’s true! Pick up what’s real for you in your life and fight for it. Beware of certain things that come towards you.

Make a head start and get ahead!

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Dissertation writing

It is usually a middle length manuscript where a student is representing a problem regarding to a certain subject. Dissertation work is required in order to graduate according to the national law. The whole writing is represented before professors for a discussion. Depending on your arguments and on the dissertation writing a grade is formed. As much as you can hold on your position higher grate you will get.

The way how the text is formed as also as the arguments, structure and methods being used, are rated. It depends on your abilities for setting a argument and writing a text.

Dissertation writing is used for graduating from university, getting a higher degree. That is the first serious work that students are required to do. All of the students have already some text works done in the past. Most of these works have theoretical character. imageThis is required for applying at the university in a first place. The process is just the same like it was at the exam test application. Despite the fact that dissertation work is a serious academic essay.

What character has to have the dissertation work? Well, this is the most serious question facing the academics students they can’t find an answer. Steps are hardly obligated in a exact row. In general dissertation writing can be separated in several types: theoretical, comparative, analytical, practical.

A dissertation work can be devoted to a certain problem in the history, to an education in a certain country, or to an area of region of certain religion. A comparative analysis can be used to two countries defining the difference in the educational system- effects, positives, negatives.

Write a dissertation proposal – Part Two

Finally, the remainder is split between the introduction and the discussion. After you now know about how long each chapter of your dissertation proposal must be, you can begin tentatively with the issue of division (sub-chapters). If you have for example 10 pages for the introduction and then 25 sub-chapters to come, there is certainly something that went wrong.
Remember: in the dissertation (and each of its chapters) one must include only what the things that you need to help you display your ‘message’.

You also have to quickly be clear and certain about what your message is . This will result necessarily from imagethe factual part of your experiments’ (and the successful ones!) obtained results. In the beginning (still before you wrote your first sentence!) the first step is the inspection of your “hard-copy data” (original curves, blots, photomicrographs, “raw” charts, etc.). Ask yourself critically, what is new about it (hopefully everything, which no one else has ever posted before you) and what is the contribution to general knowledge (i.e., something that no one has known before your paper was written). The answer to the latter question can be difficult, but it is essential also for your entire thesis: it is to be written exactly around this point, or it is going to be worthless.

If you have the good fortune (or mis-fortune), many of these new findings you have to be really new, then you must go sort them out now: one (or very few) is the really important thing (= the message), the others will have the effect (if they fit into it) of working as a “decoration” that is aligned or (if they do not match the message ) – crossed out of the dissertation. Of course, such things get published occasionally, but then not everything you have ever thought of, or found in this document, must be included.

If you have now defined the core of your thesis, you can finally define the outline of your work.